Amazing Art Made of Fruit Carving Apple

We all love fruit and the enormous benefits it offers to our health.

It is the elixir of youth. But today eating it alone is not enough and many people have gone crazy after the fun activity of turning these delicious nature gifts into pieces of art. And for a reason. Be it for a wedding or any other type of party, carved fruit plays a great role in adding a dose of creativity and carlos-recalde uniqueness in the food corner.

It is something that simply cannot be disregarded. On today's menu – apples. We will focus our attention to help you prepare beautiful art from a fruit carving apple.

Apples are one of the fruits that are pretty easy and at the same time fun to carve due to its patterned skin and the wonderful contrast it gives.

Plus, you can almost always find them at the market and this makes them such a popular choice for fruit carving. Petite, easy to carve and delicious to eat – a real paradise to the mouth.

Apple Monsters

Looking for unique treat ideas for the following Halloween? These cute but at the same time horrifying apple teeth could do the trick.

Made with mini marshmallows, these amazing grins will easily be children's most favorite treat they got.

Small Apple Pies

How about you carve out your apples and refill them with pie filling? The ideal mini yet healthy desert. The perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your family while watching your favorite movie.

Apple Sandwiches

Looking for an interesting way to make your children eat their fruit while at school? This idea will intrigue them and will definitely do the trick. Made with peanut butter, chocolate chips and granola, these healthy snacks will become the new favorite desert in your family.


Although this one may look a little bit difficult to create, you will be surprised how easy it can actually be made. Think of the awe on your friends' faces when they see these little cuties at the food corner of your next party; a real triumph for your creativity, right?

You need to carefully chop the apple into pieces which afterwards you will need to carefully arrange in a specific order. You will definitely need to watch a video tutorial for this one though. Good luck.

Cider Cups

Cute, delicious and nutritious…cider cups.

It is much simpler to make than you think; all you need to do is cut an apple in half, scoop it out and pour the cider in. Such a delicious mix of flavors!

Trevor is a passionate artist that has lately become an addict of making fruit art out of everything. His recent passion is for various occasions and his personal satisfaction.

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